Cedar Valley residents return home

The Sierra Star September 10, 2017 Nearly 270 people were allowed to return to 135 homes in Cedar Valley Sunday afternoon, after the Railroad Fire forced a Sept. 3 mandatory evacuation of the subdivision. The subdivision, with one road in and one road out, is off Highway 41 north of Oakhurst. Only residents of Cedar Valley will be [...]

Valley economic index falls but sits in healthy range

The Business Journal September 8, 2017 The San Joaquin Valley Business Conditions Index has moved down, but still points to strong growth in the next three to six months. “The region is currently experiencing solid manufacturing growth with combined upturns in regional construction,” said Dr. Ernie Goss, research faculty with the Craig School of Business at Fresno [...]

More than 99 percent of sustainable groundwater agencies formed

The Business Journal August 28, 2017 In what the state is billing as “a major step toward sustainable groundwater management in California,” more than 99 percent of the state’s groundwater basins have met a key deadline in reporting groundwater pumping. According to the state’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) of 2014, key stakeholders of the state’s 127 [...]

Benefits of Faraday Future electric car plant to ripple through Valley

The Business Journal By David Castellon August 22, 2017 When Faraday Future announced over the weekend that its first electric car manufacturing plant will be in Hanford, not everyone was surprised. Back in 2015, representatives of the Gardena-based startup came to the Valley looking at possible sites for its plant. “We would love to have to been in the [...]

Disconnected in Silicon Valley’s shadow

The Daily Dot By Rebecca Huval August 14, 2016 Just two hours outside of futuristic Silicon Valley, the county of Fresno, California, looks like a time capsule from the 1970s. Beyond the prom dress shops with their cartoonish window paintings, the vacant lots, and the brutalist AT&T building that seems to lack windows, you’ll find the Parc [...]

Summit lays foundation to push Fresno as leader in Ag technology

The Fresno Bee By Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado, [email protected] July 27, 2016 Agriculture leaders and entrepreneurs gathered Wednesday in downtown Fresno to lay the groundwork for a mission to make Fresno an agriculture-technology leader. On the eve of Thursday’s Fresno Food Expo, about 60 people convened at the Fresno Convention Center for the Riding the Crest of the Third Wave [...]

Parent University honors students

Parent University hosted a Student Recognition event on June 25. Over 150 individuals from around the San Joaquin Valley attended the event that recognizes graduates from the Fresno State Parent University program. During the Spring 2016 semester, the cohort consisted of 171 students form the following schools and community centers: Hoover High School, Fresno [...]

Parent University attends Parc Grove Commons Tech Party

Fresno State Parent University attended the May 2 Parc Grove Commons Tech Party. The event's purpose was to give residents of the new housing complex an opportunity to access organizations and companies that work in technology. Parent University spoke to residents on the upcoming free Digital Literacy courses available to them.

Spring 2016 Parent University Graduation

Fresno State Parent University hosted their Student Recognition event on April 23. Over 200 from around the San Joaquin Valley attended the event that recognizes graduates from the Fresno State Parent University program. During the semester, the cohort consisted of 171 parents form the following schools and community centers: Fresno State, Huron Middles School, [...]

Fresno State now offers a university program for parents

Parent Herald By Jerico Ngo January 15, 2016 Children are now becoming more and more adept with using technology and parents are having trouble keeping. This is why Fresno State University is now offering a parenting university program to learn how to use various technological advancements. Go to full story at Parent Herald