English I Beginners
Designed to introduce parents to basic structures and vocabulary of the English language through Basic English skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Parents learn strategies in order to advance their reading, listening, and pronunciation skills. They expand oral comprehensibility and write complete sentences, standard paragraphs, and short context-based essays. This is a beginning listening and speaking class that includes practice in group interaction, public speaking and listening comprehension.

English II Conversational
Offered to parents who need to improve their basic English Conversational skills in order to succeed at work, school or everyday tasks. With the focus on providing an intensive practice of modern English usage, the class includes elements of sentence and contextual grammar, active and passive vocabulary, face-to-face communication, group discussions, word games, question-answer sessions, and paragraph language.

This class enables parents to:

– Enhance vocabulary and conversational skills
– Develop understanding of grammar terms and four skills i.e. listening, speaking, writing, and reading
– Improve the use of grammar, parts of speech, tenses and punctuation
– Skillful use of dictionary to grasp the meanings of words
– Participate in class discussions
– Attempt different exercises online to stimulate their interest in the class

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