Who we are

As the things we rely on the most in life are increasingly becoming connected to technology, it is important to recognize that the internet is an essential component of modern life. Providing access to the internet to rural communities helps people stay connected as well as provides better chances for equal opportunities to disadvantaged areas. The Fresno State Connect Initiative provides outreach to the community to promote awareness of programs that can provide low-cost internet services.

Since 2011, the initiative has helped bridge the digital divide that impacts the lives of those in rural communities in the San Joaquin Valley. The Fresno State Connect Initiative conducts outreach to promote awareness of programs that can provide low-cost internet and communication services. The Office of Community and Economic Development staffs the Fresno State Connect Initiative as part of the Advanced Communications Services priority set by the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley.

What we do

The Fresno State Connect Initiative provides low-cost internet services outreach. Programs are available for internet services as low as $10/month to households eligible for W.I.C, SNAP/CalFresh, free/reduced lunch, live in public housing, is a senior age of 62 and older or are on SSI. Some households are also eligible for a free Chromebook laptop. Community members are encouraged to call 855.456.9995 for more information.

In 2020, the Connect Initiative began the  California LifeLine Boost Mobile Pilot Program, where eligible households will receive promotional codes that discount a single Boost Mobile phone plan by $15 each month. This program is currently available to households that participate in the California Alternate Rates for Energy Program. The pilot program expands on the existing California LifeLine Program, which is limited to one landline or select cell phone per household. Californians who may be eligible for the California LifeLine Boost Mobile Pilot are encouraged to call 888.272.8315 (888.2SA.VE15) for more information.

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Our Partnerships

Madera Unified School District partnership

The Fresno State Connect partnership with Madera Unified School District has been a great example of how our call center can be a crucial resource for families during the COVID-19 crisis. As David Hernandez, Director of Community and Parent Resource Centers at Madera Unified School District, explains in the video, families with school-age children need internet access now more than ever. With over three thousand Madera families that still need to be connected, the call center has become a necessary resource for Madera Unified.
Fresno State students working for the call center, like Ashley Vargas, have played a significant role in helping families get connected. Vargas and the rest of the call center staff have been working hard to get as many families connected as they can.